Quick guide to get the first credit

For some, asking for a loan was something they did just when they came of age, while others did not need it until they turned 40.

Your first credit, avoid unpleasant surprises

credit loan

The truth is that the time can come without warning, before any attractive proposal for a business or simply, an uncontrollable desire to take a vacation; The important thing is that you arrive when you arrive, be prepared to get the juice and make the best possible decision.

If it is your first credit, remember that it is best to inform yourself and thus you can avoid unpleasant surprises

Then take note, as there are some points to consider:

1. You must organize your budget to know how much you can pay 

1. You must organize your budget to know how much you can pay 

First, you need to know exactly how much you can pay monthly. The payment of credits and debts should not exceed 30% of your income, so make the corresponding calculations.

2. It is necessary to compare the interest rate 

Interest represents the cost of the loan requested, and the difference between one entity and another can be very wide, which is why it is ideal to use web comparators that allow you to verify all options.

3. You should ask for additional costs 

3. You should ask for additional costs 

Interest will not be the only thing you pay, so check with the chosen bank about insurance, commissions, etc., since those charges will be included in the monthly fee.

4. Present the necessary documents 

4. Present the necessary documents 

If you need the money promptly, one way to speed up the deadline is to present the requested documents correctly, so the financial entity will not have delays in verifying your data and income.

Remember that if you need to compare the different consumer credit alternatives, you can use the Cathbad comparator.

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